GoStartup school

The GoStartup school program runs twice a week in October and November..

Introductory Meeting


Information on the course of the program, method of work, signing of the pre-incubation contract, introductory day.

What is a business model? – Mitja Mikuž, PTP


Reflection on entrepreneurial projects, what is good and what is to be completed. How to make a business model (canvas) and homework.

How do we design a good product? – Rok Gulič, OLLO Audio


Product / service design, product thinking and how to customization.

Get to know your competition – Matej Peršolja, Carlock


How to understand the market, how to evaluate it, how to evaluate competition and demand (tools and way of thinking).

Who are our customers? – Andrej Peršolja, KOBI


Understanding customers how to design a persona based product.Study case work. Definition of interview questions and homework.

What are the tools to communicate with customers? – Jure Doler, StartupMarketing.si


Basics of marketing, tools and platforms, how to use them and what is useful  – in the cases of participants.

How to set up a sales strategy? – Andrej Peršolja, KOBI


Defining a sales funnel, sales strategy and market presence.

How do we test a product on the market? – Matej Peršolja, Carlock


Market testing, strategy and data evaluation, defining the method of testing on the cases of participants and homework.

How do we determine profitability potential? – Matej Peršolja, Carlock


Calculating project profitability and evaluating opportunities for improvement.

How to monitor finance in a startup? – Rok Gulič, OLLO Audio


Running a business, calculating cash flows, understanding finances, just being organized and motivated to work.

Review of participants’ progress – Mitja Mikuž, PTP


Review and comment on business models, setting goals and business plan.

How to build a business social network? By Boško Praštalo, Sellution


Elevator pitch, company presentation in three sentences, networking and personal sales.

Presentation of the companies involved in the program


Network event to present the participants of the business community in the Goriška region.

Am I eligible to apply to GoStartup School?

The program is intended for owners of promising young companies and motivated people with ambitious entrepreneurial projects.