GoStartup programs

The GoStartup business incubator at the Primorska Technology Park accompanies founders of young companies from the first steps to success stories.

GoStartup weekend

from ideas to a business model in one weekend

GoStartup school

With knowledge to a successful company

GoStartup master

Intensive follow-up program

GoStartup knowledge workshops

The aim of these workshops featuring top speakers is to expand the knowledge needed for personal and professional growth: from digital marketing skills, copywriting and public relations to project management, sales techniques and negotiating skills.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

GoStartup club

The best things in life are meant to be shared. This is the guiding principle of the GoStartup Club, a meeting place for all our entrepreneurs, where they can share their experience, tackle challenges together, analyse ideas and always give sincere feedback.

Do you really want your business to be only so-so?

GoStartup mentorship

Members of the GoStartup business incubator receive 20+ hours of mentorship per year. This is a great opportunity to discuss strategic questions and development challenges with experienced mentors who have already trodden the same path. Young entrepreneurs choose a mentor based on their specific needs and the sector in which they operate.

GoStartup coworking and offices

Entrepreneurs who are members of the GoStartup business incubator can use our coworking space for free up to one year. In this productive work environment, they develop their businesses surrounded by other entrepreneurs, sharing day-to-day activities and networking.
Check whether there is space for you too!

work desk

fast internet

free conference room

business literature

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