With knowledge to a successful business

12 workshops: October 3 – November 21, 2022

What is it about?

GoStartup Academy is an intensive program for startup entrepreneurs that enables participants to achieve a leap in development as quickly as possible and with as few mistakes as possible. With the help of experienced mentors who are entrepreneurs themselves, they will optimize their business models, gain a deep understanding of customers and develop effective marketing strategies.

The application deadline is September 28, 2022 and the program runs from October 3 to November 21. 2022.

Who is the GoStartup Academy for?

Founders of companies that are up to 36 months old, regardless of the industry

APPLICATIONS until 28.9.2022

What do you get?

Masterclass workshops

12 interactive workshops led by experienced
entrepreneurs, providing knowledge of lean methodologies, growth hacking and startup entrepreneurship. The workshops will take place twice a week in October and November from 4:00pm to approximately 7:00pm. Expected to be live, at Primorski Technology Park, room N19.

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Mentoring one-on-one

With carefully selected mentors from the world of entrepreneurship who provide hands-on support and valuable experience.

Coworking space

Where you can work and develop your startup.


With local companies to test the product or market viability.

Final presentation and networking

Opportunity to present progress during the program at a networking event with entrepreneurs, mentors and journalists.


The best environment for your business growth

Entrepreneurs about us

Are you interested in the experiences of entrepreneurs in our incubator? Take a look at the videos!

Andrej Peršolja


Matija Klinkon


Rok Gulič


Blaž Erzetič


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    The GoStartup Academy team

    Introducing the mentors of the GoStartup Academy.

    Mitja Mikuž

    Startup community coordinator

    Primorski Technology Park, Program Manager

    Rok Gulič

    founder and CEO of OLLO Audio

    Design of products and services

    Who is the GoStartup Academy for?

    Founders of companies that are up to 36 months old, regardless of the industry

    APPLICATIONS until 28.9.2022


    Introductory meeting


    Information about the process of the program, the way of working, introduction day.


    What is a business model?


    Reflections on entrepreneurial projects. How to create a business model.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Mitja Mikuž, PTP


    How do we design a good product?


    Product/service design, thinking about products and how to design them
    according to customers’ needs.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Rok Gulič, OLLO Audio


    How big is the competition in the market?


    How to understand the market, how to evaluate it, how to evaluate competition and demand (tools and mindset).

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Matej Peršolja, Protectus Inc


    Who are our customers?


    Understanding buyers, creating personas based on interviews and using tools Defining interview questions.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Andrej Prešolja, founder at Tangible growth


    I have the best product on the market!… but nobody understands it.


    In this workshop we will introduce the art of product positioning in the market. Finding the added value that makes it easier for users to understand, buy and love the product.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Andrej Prešolja, founder at Tangible growth


    What are the tools for communication with customers?


    The basics of marketing, tools and platforms, how to use them and what is useful, using the examples of the participants.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Maja Voje, Growth Lab


    How to define a sales strategy?


    Defining the sales funnel, building a sales strategy and market presence.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Maja Voje, Growth Lab


    How can we test the product in the market?


    Market testing, strategy and evaluation of data, determination of testing method based on examples of participants.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Matej Peršolja, Protectus Inc


    How do we determine profitability potential?


    Project profitability calculation and financing methods for business growth.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Matej Peršolja, Protectus Inc


    How to track finances in a startup?


    Run a business, calculate cash flow, understand finances, be organized and motivated.

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Rok Gulič, OLLO Audio


    How to achieve key business development milestones


    How my business will evolve, how to review progress and set goals for effective growth.

    Duration: 17:00 – 20:00

    Rok Stritar, Kibuba


    How to build a social network for business?


    Establish a social network for your business, business presentation in three sentences, networking and personal selling..

    Duration: 16:00 – approx. 19:00

    Boško Praštalo, Sellution


    Presentation for companies of PTP startup community


    GoStartup entrepreneurial community networking event.


    Frequently asked questions and answers.

    How much does it cost to participate in the program?

    The program is completely free for 12 participants who are deemed eligible by the Entrepreneurship Committee. The value of the program is 2.852,00 EUR.

    I do not have a business yet. Can I apply to the GoStartup Academy?

    Entrepreneurs who are already generating income but want to improve their performance will benefit most from applying. Participation is also recommended for individuals or teams who do not yet have a company, but produce a product/service and intend to market it soon.

    What is the application process?
    On the website PTP, fill out the online application form with your information and a description of the company. We will collect applications until 28/09/2022, after which we will invite you to a presentation of your company, either in person or online. The presentation will take place on 29/09/2022 at 14:00 in PTP in front of entrprenrureal jury. We will email you all the information about the date of your presentation on September 28, 2022.
    For which stage of the development of a company or an entrepreneurial idea is the GoStartup Academy suitable?
    GoStartup Academy is best suited for companies that are already present in the market but need knowledge for progress and growth. The Academy is also suitable for ambitious individuals or teams with an entrepreneurial idea who are about realiy close to establish the company.
    Do I have to have a company headquarters in Primorska Technology Park to participate in the GoStartup academy?
    It is not required. You can have your company headquarters anywhere. Physical presence in Primorska Technology Park is only important for the GoStartup academy workshops.
    Can I apply for GoStartup academy even if I am a member of other similar organizations (incubators, accelerators)?

    You can. There is no membership fee. When you eneter the academy, you are entitled to free use of the  cowokring for one year, the opportunity to participate in the GoStartup club and access to entrepreneurial knowledge in the form of numerous workshops and lectures.

    Do you claim a share in the company?
    No. Primorska technology park does not participate in the ownership of companies.
    How is the Primorska Technology Park financed?
    Primorska technology park receives funding for the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Goriška mainly from European funds, partly from the local environment and from sponsorships. We strive to provide entrepreneurs with the most favorable conditions for the establishment, growth and development of their businesses.
    How much time will I need for the program?
    Workshops are held twice a week, usually in the afternoon, 3-4 hours per workshop. The program takes place in October and November at Primorsky Technological Park. During the GoStartup academy, candidates work on developing their own business to move forward faster.
    What do you expect from participants?

    Active participation in the GoStartup academy, work on your own business, ambition to develop your own business or project with an entrepreneurial mentor, and active participation in the Primorska technology park entrepreneurial community, because we know from experience that networking is the source of success for entrepreneurs.