There are many business opportunities to achieve your business objectives through public tendering. Although many companies are intimidated by this and say, “there is too much work”, “I do not have the options”, in reality things are much easier and above all, achievable.

The second half of 2020 will be quite rich in terms of grants. Let’s see where the business opportunities lie.

Blog post by Urša Piculin Tancoš from Alias Plus.

30.000 € for a new website and an online shop

The deadline for submitting an application for the so-called e-commerce tender expires in autumn. The tender co-finances the creation of a website, an online shop, a product sales video and other e-commerce activities. The announcement of a call for proposals to co-finance the digitisation of sales channels in foreign markets and presentation and marketing materials for advertising abroad is also imminent. Export-oriented companies have a great opportunity to improve their business and competitiveness in foreign markets.

Up to 90% of subsidies for agriculture

This summer offers many opportunities for financing investments in agriculture, both in production and processing. Companies in the wine, brewing and food processing sectors have many opportunities to realise their potential through such incentives. Tenders co-finance the installation of greenhouses, private irrigation systems and the arrangement of permanent crops, as well as the construction of storage and tasting rooms with the associated equipment.

The long-awaited tender for the development of non-agricultural activities

After a pause of several years, a call for proposals to promote the development of non-agricultural activities is again relevant. Support will be given to investments in tourism, trade, conservation of natural and cultural heritage, social protection, commerce and many other activities. Applicants can receive a grant of €200,000 for the purchase of equipment, machinery, construction or adaptation.

Liquidity support for enterprises in tourism and the hotel and restaurant industry

Due to the coronavirus situation, an additional cash package will be made available to the companies that suffered the greatest drop in sales during the crisis. The state wants to help companies to cover the costs of Corona Lockdown, which were incurred between 1 March and 30 June this year.

Cash injection with low-interest loans

If no suitable grants are available to you, but you still need funds for construction, purchase of equipment or ongoing operations, you can apply for low-interest loans. These are available from the bank Slovenian Enterprise Fund and SID. Companies from the Goriška region can also participate in the incentives of the Goriška Public Small Business Fund.

The application for the offer is complicated by the fear of rejection. The fact is that most projects apply for more than the money advertised for them, so not all projects can be selected. Do you have the right idea up your sleeve to get it?