Due to its border location and intercultural relations, the Goriška region has traditionally been open to innovation, but there is still much room for improvement. The Primorski Tehnološki Park encourages companies to embrace process and product innovation by linking entrepreneurship with high-tech laboratories and research facilities.

Development-oriented concepts also form the basis for the NANOregion project. Work package 3.1. focuses on companies that could benefit from the use of nanotechnologies to improve or modernize an existing product or even to produce a new product. Changes can also lead to activities in new markets. The collaboration of companies with laboratories that have nanotechnologies offers many new opportunities.

To this end, Primorski Tehnološki Park organized an event to which it invited companies in the Goriška region that are potential users of nanotechnologies and could further expand the added value of nanotechnology.

The company Polident, which has already joined the NANOregion project, also participated in the event as an example of good practice.