OPERATION : Create your future

Primorski Technology Park participates as a leading partner in the project LAS – in the Embrace of the Sun, Operation Create Your Future, funded by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union from Regional Development Fund.


The purpose of the CREATE YOUR FUTURE operation is to develop entrepreneurial skills such as innovation, creativity, initiative, teamwork and the expansion of entrepreneurial culture, as well as the development of entrepreneurial ideas with the aim of creating new businesses. These are skills and abilities that help the target groups to become more employable to start new businesses and create new jobs. The operation is implemented in the rural areas of five municipalities and targets young people, residents of poorer families, women, the unemployed, the disabled, the blind and the visually impaired. The operation includes comprehensive entrepreneurial support as it contributes to the development of new entrepreneurial opportunities through workshops, promotes positive competition by selecting the best ideas and provides direct support to the development of entrepreneurial ideas in rural areas through consultancy. The innovation of the operation lies in the use of a combination of the tools of the design approach and the methodology of lean and agile entrepreneurship. It is about developing and implementing a new process to promote entrepreneurial values and support start-ups. By raising the level of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills among the rural population and strengthening the function of the supportive environment, we will contribute to the development of individuals who will be sufficiently motivated and ambitious to independently take on tasks as entrepreneurs or employees, thus achieving better employment opportunities the number of start-ups with a pre-verified entrepreneurial opportunity.


Participating partners:

Nova Gorica Youth Center

Intercommunal Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica School Center


The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and European Union by European Regional Development Fund and implemented within the project LAS – in the embrace of the sun.