The Primorska Technology Park has started the implementation of the REINSER project – Refugees’ Economic Integration through Social Entrepreneurship (Interreg Adrion program), the purpose of which is the economic integration of refugees through social entrepreneurship.

The REINSER project focuses on the economic integration of refugees through social entrepreneurship. It will contribute to the development of integration policies, especially in the field of economic inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers. The project seeks to empower refugees and, on the other hand, activate their creative and entrepreneurial potential. As a result, they will contribute to the economic development of the countries in which they are located.

The project will also establish a network for the integration of refugees into the social entrepreneurship sector, which will encourage their active inclusion in the labor market and indirectly in other spheres of everyday life. A transnational strategy and action plan will also be prepared.

The consortium of partners, coordinated by ZRS Koper, includes eight partner and 11 associated partner institutions from Italy, Greece, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project will run for two years. In addition to ZRS Koper, the Primorska Technology Park is also participating in the project as a partner from Slovenia, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the Care and Integration of Migrants as associated partners.

The first meeting of the partners took place on 25 February 2021 via video conference. The participants were also greeted by the director of ZRS Koper prof. dr. Rado Pišot and the head of the Institute for Social Studies dr. Mateja Sedmak. In their speeches, they emphasized the importance of the REINSER project for European countries, which are marked by an increase in refugees from other parts of the world.