Funding program:

Call ID: 303-G-GRO-PPA-19-11225, TRANSMISSION AGREEMENT no. SI2.823690

Funding: 53,263.18 eur

Project duration:

1.3.2020 (Primorski tehnološki park joined the project on 5.10.2020) until 31.8.2020.

Project partners:

  • Association of Employees of the Social Economy of Navarre – ANEL; Lead Partner (Spain),
  • Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu, Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland),
  • Coompanion Örebro (Sweden),

Project description:

The project offers a set of activities through which (young potential entrepreneurs) can take part in creating their business ideas from initial concepts to market entry and offers an introduction to current Entrepreneurial topics such as: cooperatives, social entrepreneurship, circular economy, etc . The participants of the activities can cooperate in a network with participants of activities organized by other project partners.

Project website: