New call for proposals: Seed capital of SPS

The Slovenian Enterprise Fund (SPS) offers young innovative companies start-up capital in the form of a convertible loan of 75,000 € (within the framework of the public tender SK75 2020 -2) for the rapid growth of young innovative companies on the market!

SPS published the tender information in the Republic of Slovenia’s Official Gazette No 104/2020 and on its website under code SK75 2020-2 – Convertible loan for the creation of innovative enterprises. This is a call for tenders which allows young innovative companies to receive a quasi-equity financing of €75,000 in the early seed development phase in order to accelerate sales and market growth.

Who can apply?

  • Micro and small innovative enterprises older than six (6) months and younger than five (5) years,
  • Companies that have completed the development of the product/service and have already tested it with their first customers
  • Companies that have their own development and an innovative business model
  • – You are already generating the first sales/service revenues.

Before they apply for the tender, companies have the opportunity to score up to 40 points in the pre-selection!

As part of the PRE selection process, which also serves to prepare a high-quality application for funding, companies have the opportunity to score up to 40 points for the public call for proposals within Demo Day, where the business model and the product/services are presented to an external independent commission of experts. The application deadline for the pre-selection procedure is 9 September 2020 on the website prijave.startup.si.

Breakthrough on the market also with support of rich content!

Financial products within the seed capital are increasingly becoming an integral part of an integrated support system for innovative (start-up and scale-up) companies, which includes financial incentives from SPS and a potential private independent investor as well as training and further education within the framework of the so-called #Startup-Plus programs. Recipients will also receive support and cooperation from the selected start-up mentor, who will be chosen from the list of start-up mentors published on the website SPS after approval and signing of the contract.

You can find more information at Startup Community Coordinator, Mitjo Mikuža.