The entrepreneurial path is never boring; it is accompanied by ups and downs. It is necessary to constantly adapt and look for answers to different challenges. Besides change, which is the only constant, there is another constant in entrepreneurship, and that is the entrepreneur himself – the entrepreneur or the team of founders, which is the heart of the company. Let us take a look at the most important ingredients that make a successful entrepreneur and later a company. Read the blog of the psychologist Tina Kastelic, who wrote it after an interesting workshop she led as part of the GoStartup Masters Program.

1. Live your values, vision and mission

Values ​​are the foundation of any action; vision and mission make an important contribution to setting policies and strategies. It is important to be aware of who we are, what is important to us and what we want because we are the core of the company. This is the foundation of our organizational culture as long as the company grows. Successful entrepreneurs are definitely also marked by the fact that they live and realize their own values ​​and mission on a daily basis, and inspire others.

2. The right people, in the right jobs

As the company grows, one of the “sweet worries” is team growth. It is important that we have already defined the first point; otherwise, it often happens that each new member enters something new. This is great, of course, we still have to define the core, which we do not want to change and remain the same despite growth. Let it lead to expansion, say people in the right jobs. We distinguish between skills that an individual can acquire and personality traits that are relatively enduring. It is important that we also have clearly set priorities. We’ll never get the perfect package in one person, but it’s important to have at least the key things. Set 3-5 criteria that you will not deviate from, it is good that things are not excluded (eg “I want a person who will do simple, routine tasks and will not be bored. On the other hand, it would be great, to have this person have ideas outside the usual frames at all times – it is not impossible, but it is very difficult).

3.Never stop learning

Knowledge is what makes us great and allows us to always be one step ahead of the competition. Seek feedback and dare to “look in the mirror”. Do self-reflection at least once every six months and ask yourself:

  • Where am I really good?
  • What am I proud of? Project, action, achievement in the last six months.
  • Where could I be even better?
  • Where do the guidelines point? Where else can I improve?

In doing so, dare to think outside your box or. Fields where you work. Develop in the broadest sense – social, entrepreneurial skills, financial knowledge, languages, new materials and products.

4. Building good relationships

Good relationships with employees, customers, business partners and the wider community are the key to success. This does not mean that we should always be kind and agree with everything. It does mean, however, that we need to develop social skills, learn to communicate constructively, and trust people. It is necessary to carefully plan various activities to maintain quality relationships. No one likes you to call him only when you need something. Trust must also be justified by quality.

5. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

Entrepreneurship is unpredictable, everything can go like clockwork, situations often arise that we did not anticipate and turn everything upside down. So let us dream big and have high goals. Let us also think about how we will achieve them. On the other hand, a certain level of fear and caution is also crucial. It enables us to prepare for even the worst-case scenarios and we know how to act quickly and decisively and adapt even in crises.

Entrepreneurship is not just a way of working, but also a way of thinking and living. Even if we do not always succeed, do not despair!

Tina Kastelic, Kompetenca d.o.o., wrote the blog for the Primorska Technology Park.

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