Primorska Technology Park, as a partner in the project DIVA , promotes even closer cooperation between the creative industries and entrepreneurship, resulting in groundbreaking products and services. To this end, 20 innovative pilot projects involving entrepreneurs and creative professionals have been identified.

In June and the first half of July, the evaluation commission assessed the projects submitted to the DIVA Open Call. The Commission had a difficult task as it had to review and evaluate over 100 projects. Then, on Tuesday, July 20, the evaluation committee of the DIVA project (EC) met and confirmed the final selection of 21 projects that received the highest score from the members of the evaluation committee according to the criteria established before the call was published. We are looking forward to their creative solutions.

You can see which projects will help create a better tomorrow as part of the project DIVA by following this link.

The project DIVA connects the cultural and creative sectors with the economy, with the aim of establishing a cross-border innovation ecosystem in which social and technological innovations for the society of the future are created.